GitHub Repositories

Display GitHub repositories, currently only support the exploration and list tabs.

Issues View

For organizations with a large number of repositories this view provides insight about repo's activity through color-coding its commits to master:

  • Green: The repos has 20 commits or more in the past 3 months or if it has less than 20, all of its commits in the past 3 months (for new repos).
  • Yellow: The repo only has 20 commits in 3 to 6 months
  • Red: The repo has less than 20 commits overall (and over more than 3 months), or it took more than 7 months to get to 20 commits.
  • Empty: There has not been any commits in the last 12 months

This feature, due to its querying cost, is currently limited to 20 commits, only onto the master branch.