Agile analytics and management made easy!

ZenCrepes fetches content GitHub, CircleCI, the Atlassian suite and provides a high-level analytics platform across all of your team's data.
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Explore and Search

Quickly find relevant elements based on selected facets, across multiple repositories and organizations.

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Scrum Operation

Identify the amount of work left in a sprint, estimate completion based on past velocity, review repartition of open issues (by repo, label, assignee...).

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Ensure labels and milestones are consistent across multiple organizations and repositories, address issues in bulk.

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Bulk updates with Safeguards

Pushing changes in bulk can be scary, ZenCrepes provides a staging area highlighting changes about to be made and require explicit user confirmation prior to submission.

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Query based

Everything is a query, filter down your results to the exact data you're interested in. Edit the SQON query to customize your results even more.

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Network map

Map our relations between Pull Requests and Issues to visually discover how things relate to each-other.

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Focus Heatmap

Find out which repositories, labels, milestones, projects (and more) were the most active over the past weeks.

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Repositories activity

Find out how active your repositories are by looking at how frequently code is pushed to master.